Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can't open attachments with Outlook Web Access (OWA).

This solution did the trick for a client that was having some file attachment issues. The file attachments couldn't be opened or saved. The operating system was Microsoft windows XP and the browser version was IE7 (Internet Explorer 7). The same fix can be applied to a Vista desktop operating system using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) but the user would have seen a different error message. The fact that in neither case attachments can't be opened for viewing or editing not can attachments be saved with OWA. the Microsoft Exchange server version was Microsoft exchange 2007. There are configuration changes required on the server. This is desktop client side solution. One of the obvious points of how this error if displayed is not a server side problem is that if another browser is used from the same desktop that's not working when using IE7, the other browser such as FireFox works without any setting changes. In addition, other users are not experiencing the same problem.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, that setting did the trick. Fixed the problem for me.

Alex said...

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