Friday, June 5, 2009

Verizon DSL Static IP 7500 Modem

At the end, after entering the ip address information and switching to bridged connection and bridged routing, enter the following URL to finalize the activation to the Internet and to get on the web if you're unable to connect.
This installation had Verizon model 6110f and model 7500 router modem shipped to the customer. Both models are not to be used. The modem that's supposed to be used is the the 7500 Verizon mode router because this customer has received a static ip address as part of their service.
So the VC1 configuration for static ip DSL service has to be configured from ppp (PPPoE) to bridged in order to have the static address applicable for the configuration. The ip address and gateway are supplied by Verizon. Just enter them as noted and then click apply.

To disable NAT on the 7500 DSL modem completely then you have to choose for the protocol Bridge from the drop menu and also choose bridge for Bridge Mode. The option for adding the public ip address provided by Verizon goes away. This option is for putting your own router/firewall in place behind the Verizon DSL modem instead of using the features provided by Verizon in the free modem/router. The public ip address that was provided by Verizon has to be placed on the WAN interface of your router/firewall. Once that's done, then go to the wireless configuration and disable wireless access. This is for security and because it wont work right in this bridged configuration.


RudeAwakening said...

worked great, thank you. there's not much posted ont he webfor this router. it seems to be the most common one used by verizon now. I expect to see more post about it coming soon.

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