Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to add dsa.msc to 2008 member server

How to add dsa.msc to 2008 member server.

It's a simple and quick installation to add the functionality found by default in windows 2003 server to windows 2008 server. This is a useful tool for many. To just click start run then enter dsa.msc and click open. bang, active directory users and computers on a member server to access an AD object quickly. not so fast. In windows 2008, for some reason, this functionality was removed as a default feature. there's some logic behind it for sure. the first this that comes to mind is security. Although an average users doesn't have the permissions to actually make changes in the AD users and computers as they will not have the proper access rights and tokens, they can browse and poke in an area they need not be in.

So dsa.msc was removed from the default installation of windows 2008 member server. That's OK, it can be added pretty quickly and without a restart. The image shows the options to select to add the feature back into your member server and remember, during installation these options can be selected.


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