Friday, February 2, 2007

PC Tech Support

For all PC tech support, application and server support specialists, system integration specialists, engineers, etc., this software I found for remote control and remote support through the Internet really does the job and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy. It's does what the name brands do but for a fraction of the price.

This package allows you to remote control desktop through the Internet with having to spend a thousand dollars or more. The site doesn't even restrict the number of computers you can access and control or the number of times you control them each. They don't restrict bandwidth or anything else.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Service

I use Microsoft's RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), now Microsoft RDS (Remote Desktop Services) everyday many times. It's a great tool for remote control and remote administration of servers.  If you need software that lets you access and remote control computers over the web to provide online PC remote control support through the web to anyone you know or for your job then it is worth taking a look at this online support service and application. The service has file transfer, auto-reconnect, chat and a bunch of other features. The remote computer doesn't need any thing on their system to connect to you for remote control. All they need is an Internet connection.

While I trying out the system, I noticed to that they make it simple for end-users. Your users can not have a real clue about computers and they'll be able to get this done to connect to your viewer for support. The site doesn't use active-x controls that make browsers pop a message that as you know if your in tech support, they miss and ask "what message?". They don't use any pop-ups which with so many pop-up blockers not too many users even notice counters that show you another pop was blocked and even more of them won't know that a window got blocked from being displayed.

Complete Remote Control

They've kept is so simple for users to log in and get support from you. Once you've connected up with their computer you'll have complete remote control. With full remote control of the system over the network it's easier to work through problems, add/remove software, or change the configuration of applications or the operating system. You can do anything you need to to fix whatever problem they have on it. You can even transfer files to and from the remote computer.

This remote support solution has really helped me out so far. To try 4RemoteSupport remote support software system you don't even need a credit card. You just sign up active the account through an email that's sent to you and you good to go accessing your user page and setting up to remote control desktops through the Internet. Their system isn't just and executable even though they have that too if you need it. You get a user page where you set your viewer and connection options and a tester right on their user page. Once you've tested your setup just go ahead and start remotely connecting to computers on the web and provide customer support or just tech support assistance to anyone.