Monday, April 16, 2007

Vista running as guest operating system in VMWare

Still hesitating trying out Vista because you don't want to wreck your running operating system just to taste Microsoft's new Vista operating system? Checkout VMWare. I was a skeptic at first but know I'm a believer. I was able to get Vista running on my XP machine and didn't to ruin my system to do it.

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Puppet said...

I tried running VMWare on an Windows XP SP2 desktop (host) and had Vista as the guest operating system. It worked great. I did have a slight problem with the NIC however in Vista as the guest desktop operating system. I was able to get through that problem by editing the configuration file for the virtual machine. I want to check out Microsoft's Virtual PC too.

Anonymous said...

Start VMWare OS install from ISO image

More detail can be found in this Post:
Start VMWare OS install from ISO image

There are a number of things you can do to start an installation of a guest operating system from media other than a physical drive attached to a computer. The ISO image can be loaded from a network share on a shared storage device or from a USB drive. The point being however is that you can boot from an ISO image to start another install.