Friday, January 11, 2008

Acronis Disk Director 10 - Resizing partition gotcha

Acronis Disk Director

This story may not be unique in that anyone who has ever needed to resize a partition on a server surely finds out the options are not many.

Not only are the options to resize server NTFS partitions small but the software chosen must nearly always be of commercial grade and very reliable. Sure, backups of the partitions to be resized could be backed up but no one wants to resort to that as the project will take longer (hours longer - usually into the late night) which might mean more downtime and once you've restored you are still in the same position you were when the project started, the size of the partitions has to be changed.

I found one interesting thing that caught me by surprise but made absolute sense when I first used Acronis Disk Director to resize a partition. The partition that needs to be resized has to have unallocated space right next to it on the hard drive. What this means is that if you have a c drive partition that needs to be resized and you have a d drive too. there needs to be unallocated space in between the c and d drives or else it isn't going to re-size no matter what you try to do and I believe I exhausted all possible work around.

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dzibril said...

From what I get you first do Increase Free Space to move the other partition down the disc, and then it will resize the partition you want.

2cents said...

yes, the free sapce needs to be "next" to the c partition in order to expand it. at least that was the case wit hthis version. I have not checked on the latest realease. this post is more than a year old now. If you have a virtual environement containing of even a very good XP system and vmware or microsoft's Virtual server 2005 (very good free product and yes it runs on XP), you can more easilty test acronis safely.v

Anonymous said...

thanks, this helped direct me to the right place for configuring a solution for this exact same problem I was having.