Friday, January 11, 2008

VMWare - How to boot from ISO image to install a guest OS.

Last post regarding VMWare:

In this post I wanted to post a quick blurb about how easy it is to start an OS installation if there is only an ISO image available. This is particularly useful if the computer you want to run an installation on has only a cd-rom drive and the OS you would like to install in on DVD.

With VMWare running on a host operating system, you could install a guest operating system from an ISO image. The trick is to click on the CD-ROM icon on the bottom right of the WMware window. From the small CD-ROM device window that opens, click on the browse button. Locate the ISO image on your hard-drive or a network drive then click OK. The virtual system then starts up. If it's an installation image then the guest operating system will begin the installation process.

The installation then just begins. That's all there is to it.

Virtual machines can be remote controlled for support as easily and of curse for the same reasons on physical desktop computers or server. Regardless of the installation being physical or virtual, the applications on the guest VM and also the operating system will still experience the same user affects as their physical counterparts. Installing or troubleshooting vmware  workstation or guest vm running within can be accomplished with remote control programs. Web based remote control software for online remote desktop support of installations or fixing of problems as post installation support.


jdps said...

Tremendous! Thanks so much. Saved burning another cd.

gbgeek said...

Simple and straightforward. Thanks!

Victor PeƧanha said...

Thanks, it's a excelent text, who help me.

2cents said...

You are all very welcome. Thank you too for stopping by on my blog and your comments.

Anonymous said...

When I try this, it boots from HD so fast that I do not have time to click the CD icon. How did you slow it down enough to be able to click the CD icon after it appears?