Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Farm and Citrix Servers not listed or displayed in AMC

Farm and Citrix servers are not displayed in AMC (Access Manage Console).

I recently updated a 4.5 presentation server in a vmware test farm and server to AMC 4.6.2. After the update, that went without error, the farm and citrix server nodes in access management console were no longer displayed.
I used the solution found in CTX125827 : http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX125827
I ran the two scripts and the batch file and they worked. The farm showed up first then the presentation server.
After you perform tsteps above you might get a discovery error and see ONLY the farm but not the presentation server (xennapp server). Configure discover and add the servers name into the list for discovery. That will get the server node to appear, the published apps, and everything else. If you keep getting discovery errors, the following is what I did:
I went to configuration tools and removed the current configuration and then exited the console, I started the AMC console again then recreated the configuration. NO more discovery errors.

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