Saturday, February 14, 2015

Display Dell System Service Tag using Command Line

Use Command Line to Display Dell System Service Tag

On  Windows system, all you need to display the service tag of a Dell computer desktop or server is built right into the operating system. Just open a command prompt window and rung the following command:  

c:\> wmic bios get serialnumber

On the very next line the Dell service tag will be displayed. On a HP server or desktop, the same command will return the serial number. This is the serial number that is used to look-up drivers, software, or parts for your server or computer desktop, laptop or other device. 
Dell BCM or other third party utilities are not needed. The service tag can be displayed in less than a minute or even seconds. Copy and paste the command into a Windows command window ("dos window" or "dos box") and hit enter. The functionality is built right into Windows. 

Command line to get the serial number or service tag of a white-box computer 

"White-box" systems might not return the desired results. if the manufacturer has not entered a service tag type of unique identifying number then the following will be displayed  "To Be Filled by O.E.M." .  

Retrieving the system serial number or Dell service tag on Linux using command line

The ability toe retrieve the service tag or serial number of a system is not limited to Similarly to Windows, Linux has the functionality to retrieve and display the Dell service tag or system serial number of a system suign a command line. The command line will differ of course. On Cent OS or Red Hat Linux for example, run the following command to retrieve the serial number or Dell service tag.

Command To Find Out Dell Service Tag

      # dmidecode | grep -i serial      
      # dmidecode -t 1

 DMIDECODE might have to be instaleld first and can be installed by executing the following: 
# yum -y install dmidecode



gtek99 said...

This was so useful, thank you. I had to get service tag from a Dell server for which sticker tag that is normally put on all system was not legible. I was accessing the problem remotely wit ha regular computer user on-site. They were an average user and Was not capable of doing anymore than what I was telling them to do remotely. I was accessing the server with remote control software over the Internet. The access was kind-of slow and the browser had an issue. With the browser having an issue I was not able to download the service tag discover tool that Dell has from their support site. That tool to find the service tab works generally well and I think it uses the same type of WMI / WDM commands to get he serial number of the motherboard or chassis. Any, I ran the commands you posed and they worked perfectly. I was able to get the "serial number" service tag of the server from remotely.

Microsoft Support MVP said...

Thank you. The command worked for me. I needed to get the service tag of a server. The sticker that comes on the server and desktop from Dell had been scraped off and the system, did not have Internet access at the time. I could not reboot to get it from the BIOS. This command worked perfectly.